Three Angels Preschool & Infant Center teachers focus on teaching real and meaningful concepts with information and training that will be useful to the child for their entire life. Each lesson plan and activity is developmentally appropriate with the full intention of bringing the child and teacher closer to Christ.

Infants Schedules

Our Infant program emphasizes the individuality of your child’s needs. Nurturing, age appropriate, and responsible care are provided. The staff will work with you to develop the best schedule for your child. Toys and materials will be provided that challenge infants to explore and develop.

Children’s Schedules

Our toddlers and preschoolers program emphasizes age appropriate activities that will enhance individual development. Daily classroom schedules include indoor and outdoor playtime, group learning, focus learning projects, music, creative experience, and art. Our goal is to develop your child’s social, cognitive, emotional, physical, creative, and spiritual needs in a safe and respectful environment.

Discipline begins with an appropriately structured environment and a set of routines. When it comes to learning academic and life skills, one of the most important tools to teach a child is respect and one of the most important skills to enhance within a child is creative imagination.

Three Angels Preschool Program

Organization – Broad structures of thinking such as in classification, time, and space.
Coordination – More specific aspects of behavior that can be easily observed because they are based on imitation.
Concentration – Habits of mind or characteristic ways of approaching learning, other people, or situations.
Independence – The affective domain including one’s sense of belonging, security, and self-worth.

Three Angels Preschool and Infant Center Early Childhood Educators

Our staff help children select appropriate and challenging materials and activities.
And adjust those activities to an appropriate level of challenge that is not frustrating to the your child. Varying the degree of assistance they provide according to the child’s needs, and revise expectations according to the child’s growing abilities.