Reliable and Nurturing Child Care

“Without a nurturing, playful, responsive environment, an academic focus may diminish children’s engagement and motivation. But a ‘child-centered’ environment that lacks intellectual challenges also falls short of what curious young learners deserve.”
Hyson, M. (2003) Putting Early Academics in Their Place, Educational leadership, 60(7), 20-23

Three Angels Preschool and Infant Center teaches Christian family values and provides age appropriate academics in a developmentally appropriate environment. Our programs are uniquely concerned with the development of each individual child’s character and mind. We believe educating the whole child requires instruction that includes mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual development.

Here at Three Angels we recognize your need for reliable child care and endeavor to meet those needs by providing loving, nurturing care for your child. We would like to work with you as a team, sharing ideas and concerns about the growth and development of your child.

Three Angels provides valuable educational experiences and fosters growth and development in all aspects of your child’s life. Programs are provided that serve a wide range of developmental needs. Children participate in activities designed to help them grow into independent, creative, confident, and thoughtful individuals who will be able to work with adults and other children.

“Train up a child in the way he should go,and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

Our teachers provide a safe, nurturing, playful, and responsive environment that encourages a child’s engagement and motivation. It is our goal to provide a balance in the “Child-centered” environment with appropriate intellectual challenges that curious young learners deserve.

Three Angels Preschool makes your child’s development a priority!

Our program offers excellent day care for infants 6 weeks – 24 months. Preschool ages range from 2 years through PreK. We offer an after school program for Kindergarten and older. We take the responsibility to provide a balanced environment for normal child development very seriously. We have designed our classrooms to enhance each individual child’s advances at a pace determined by the child’s observed abilities at each stage of his or her development.

The Benefits of a Developmentally-Based
Environment Include:

  • Positive classroom climate which is conducive to children’s healthy emotional development.
  • Less exhibited stress
  • Higher levels of motivation to learn
  • Increased verbal skills and receptive language skills
  • Higher levels of cognitive functioning
  • Higher achievement scores
  • Smoother transitions from primary to later elementary grades